Pixel Pop Festival 2017

On August 5th and 6th of 2017 NerdyBits went to Pixel Pop Festival, held on SLU's campus in downtown St. Louis, MO. Here you will find out about the festival and the indie games, creators, and fans we had the privilege to interact with.


The Humans Behind it All: Pixel Pop 2017

I have been to three of four Pixel Pop Festival's, each in a different capacity. This year, as a journalist, I hoped to hone in on the theme in the bones of this year's indie showcasing festival. Within hours it was clear what Pixel Pop was trying to say. Games are made by humans. Normal people like you and me. Their successes and sacrifices were given a spotlight here, illustrating one message clear as day: Behind the games you love are people who have dedicated themselves to creating what they love.


An indie game with as much soul as it has style, Lucah draws inspiration from blockbuster hits like Zelda and Hyper Light Drifter to send players on a dark and brooding quest. The style and animation was enough to make us stop for a closer look, and we couldn't turn away.

Defend Neo Tokyo

Imagine customizing your own six-story mech and sending it into battle with up to four friends. Defend Neo Tokyo against the wrath of monolithic beasts in this cooperative board game by the guys at Gateway Games.





Marshall's Theory

In our current political climate, it only makes sense that creators want to send a message. Enter Benjamin Poynter, an indie dev with a voice and a chilling game as a megaphone.


With stunning art and a killer aesthetic as a foundation, the guys at Dancakes have created a multimedia board game that needs to be experienced by all. Oh, and it can tell you your fortune. There is far more here than meets the eye.




Zap Blastum

In a market saturated with gory shooters, Kevin Dressel's Zap Blastum combines skill based cover-to-cover shooting with a cartoonish aesthetic to create a game for hardcore and casual gamers alike.