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ProcGens S1 E7: Florence (Finale) by Caleb Sawyer


It is finally here! The Season One finale of ProcGens is here folks. This one is very special to @LubWub and @CalamityXTJane. A little more than a year ago Caleb’s grandfather, Christy’s husband, passed away unexpectedly. As the doctors were transitioning him between floors in the ICU, our two hosts took a moment to distract themselves with what they assumed would be a fun, quirky mobile game. Yet upon completing Florence, they realized that what they had experienced was far more important.

Join them on the season finale as they talk about this experience, how it has impacted their lives in the days and months following, and how games have always found a way to strike deeper chords with our family clan.

This episode includes a reading of Florence and the Death of my Grandfather

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