Switch Holiday 2018

Nintendo Switch-uation by Caleb Sawyer

Photo by @aleksdorohovich

Photo by @aleksdorohovich

If PlayStation’s offering came across a bit meager for variety, the Nintendo Switch is going to look a downright barren. Nintendo has been known to stick to their guns when it comes to pricing both their systems and their accessories, making Black Friday a small event for them, rather than the doorbusting sale you will see for everyone else. You can expect to find the Switch at its normal price of $300 across the board. If you are looking for accessories there are a few dynamite deals at each big store worth looking into. GameStop is selling the Mario Odyssey and Zelda Breath of the Wild accessory bundles for $34.99, down from their usual $70. They also give you a $50 gift card for the purchase of a new switch, which would make grabbing a few games a bit easier. Over at Best Buy, and easily the best savings this Black Friday, you can grab a 64GB memory card for your Switch for only $17.99, a huge drop from the usual MSRP of $80. Finally over at Target, you can grab a case for 20% off.

Those really are the best deals on the Switch and Switch gear. A small offering for sure, but still with some solid steals if they are what you are looking for.


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