Our Team

The people that make NerdyBits worth following.

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Caleb Sawyer
Co-Founder, Editor-in-Chief, Executive Producer

Caleb started NerdyBits back in 2012 because he wanted an outlet for the ideas he began having while playing games. He wanted his voice to be heard. Since then, NerdyBits has grown into its own ambitious skin and has become his passion project. He lives for telling stories in, around, and about games. A Husband and Father, Caleb is just trying to live his best life. Fragging aliens and punks along the way. | @LubWub | Twitch


Benjamin Sawyer
Co-Founder, Podcast Host, Content Creator, Art Director

Benjamin Sawyer is an illustrator and a teacher at Webster University. A seasoned video game veteran Ben also had a brief stint as a video game journalist. Ben also loves his motorcycles, dogs, and booze. | @sketchsawyer | Twitch | Mixer

We are a group of gamers, diverse in belief, background, experience, and opinion, who want to share our love of video games with the world.
— NerdyBits

Eric Glass
Podcast Host, Streamer

Eric "HybridGlass" was born centuries ago from deep within the fires of Orodruin. Forged from the worlds most elite immigrants to the United States, he began his life on the East Coast, before finding his way to the promised land, Texas. 10 years after meeting the love of his life they were married and began ruling the kingdom of central Texas hand-in-hand. Soon after that, they had their first progeny, a wee lass. 4 years later came the tiny beast. Currently, he’s doing the 9-5 during the day, and running the House Of Glass on Twitch at night. | @hybridglass | Twitch


Christy Sawyer
Podcast Host, Streamer

Christy joined NerdyBits in 2019 as co-creator of Procedural Generations with her grandson, Caleb. She has been playing video games for 30 years with her kids and grandkids but has been a diligent gamer in her own rights for the last decade. Christy is an accomplished painter who has created a significant body of work, confident in style and vision. She says she “lives her work and loves her life!” | @CalamityXTJane | Mixer


Ryan Tavernor
Podcast Host, Content Creator, Streamer

Highschool friend of EIC Caleb, Ryan is an adrenaline junky with a habit for putting his life in danger, be that in Battlefield or on the pavement. An avid motorcyclist and gamer, Ryan (SergeantSodium on Xbox) began streaming in 2017 and is steadily growing his audience | @sergeantsodium | Twitch

Review and Ethics Policies

The crew at NerdyBits adheres to these rules to maintain the trust of our viewers, listeners, and readers, as well as our relations with publishers, developers, and companies in the industry.


We don't accept travel or accommodations from companies we cover. If we review a game at a publisher-sponsored event, we'll disclose it in the review.

Our writers will not accept gifts.


NerdyBits writers are permitted to back video game crowdfunding campaigns. We view base-level backing the same way we view buying our own games. Higher level backing, because it often comes with some kind of donor credit, feedback, or involvement, will warrant a clear and concise indication of support in any reviews or discussions relating to the project. Crowdfunding is a diverse and complicated facet of the industry and we will disclose our support, and the level of that support, should the situation arise.


Our reviews will not include scores. Regardless, we do not discuss our opinions on played titles with the publishers or developers before the related content is published by NerdyBits. The games that NerdyBits staff members recommend are done so based on the opinion of our writers alone.

Games today are also far more on-going than they ever have been in the past. Our reviews may update to accommodate changes in a release that we believe warrants the adjustment of our published content. These updates will be openly communicated and visibly marked. These changes are at our discretion.


NerdyBits will not cover companies in/with which our writers (1) have a financial investment, (2) have been employed previously or (3) anyone with whom the writer has a close relationship. If a contributor has a material or relational conflict of interest with their reporting, that information will be disclosed in context or footnotes of that piece.


NerdyBits does its very best to be completely factually accurate in its writing and reviewing, but we know we are human. If any errors are discovered we will correct our stories and log our corrections, so as to maintain transparency.


NerdyBits may luck its way into extra codes for games, DLC, or any other miscellaneous materials for giveaway. Giveaways of products are not, and should never be considered, endorsements of the companies involved or their products. We just love giving free stuff away when we can.


Sometimes NerdyBits receives code for games directly from publishers and/or developers. We reserve the right to decide whether or not we will review these copies. We do not accept any material that comes with conditions. No review will be written, favorable or otherwise, due to the influence of the company or the unique opportunity to review games prior to release. If we are given an embargo for a review, we will adhere to that agreement out of respect to the studio and their wishes to structure the timing of released content, but we will not adhere to restrictions of score or opinion. We reserve the right to dislike what we dislike and approve of what we approve of, plain and simple.

Most of the time, the games that we review and speak about are bought by our contributors personally. We love playing games, and we love creating content for our readers, viewers, and listeners.