Bounty Board 056: Fall Preview / by Caleb Sawyer


What’s up friends! The Bounty Board crew is back this week with another episode of your favorite gaming podcast! Eric took the week off to help get his kids ready for their first day of school, so this week Caleb, Ryan, and Ben got together to talk about the upcoming fall season of games. Speaking of Ben, NerdyBits has a special announcement, hot off the presses!

Ben is our new permanent host!

We said farewell to Bobby last week and when Ben came on as a guest, the chemistry was immediate. The new crew of Bounty Board has played games together for a full decade! Please welcome Ben into the fold. We are extremely excited to have him!

Join us this week as we talk about the crazy list of games scheduled for release this fall, and as we gauge our excitement for each one. Folks, there is a lot coming out in the next three months. Prepare yourself!

News for the week:

Microsoft Promise Reveals Aplenty at Gamescom
Dead Island 2 Isn’t Dead Yet
New Control Trailer Gives Plot Crash Course
Need for Speed Heat Announced

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