Procedural Generations S1:E1 - An Introduction by Caleb Sawyer


It is finally here! @LubWub and his grandmother (he calls her Nanny, and it is adorable) @CalamityXTJane sit down to talk about video games and how they have changed their lives in this brand new podcast Procedural Generations. This first season is focused on the BioWare games they have played, specifically the Mass Effect series and Anthem. New episodes will release every other week!

In this episode, An Introduction, meet our hosts and hear them talk about how they got the idea for this show, and how they both got started playing games!

Releasing March 13th: Procedural Generations by Caleb Sawyer


Releasing on March 13th, enter Procedural Generations, a podcast where a grandson and his grandmother discuss the games that they play and the impact games have had on their lives.

@LubWub and @CalamityXTJane are super excited to share these experiences with you! Season 1 is focused on BioWare. We talk about every Mass Effect and Anthem.

See you on the 13th!